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  • What Cariris Flip-Flops mean?

    [testimonial_carousel title=”What our Customers say…

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  • Wholesale Flip-Flops for SPA’s

    Pedicure spa is one of the fastest growing businesses today. Every spa center caters to lots of customers every day,…

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  • Brazilian Rubber

    Great savings for Cariris flip-flops at wholesale prices

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  • Cariris Sandals

    Difference between the Cariris Flip Flops and Havaianas

    Have you ever wondered about the difference between the Cariris Flip Flops and Havaianas? The Cariris and the Havaianas have…

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  • Life Saver Tool When Decorating Flip Flops

    Do you ever notice sometimes, depending on how you store your flip flops, there may be dents on the footbed/upper sole?

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  • Plain Flip-Flops

    Difference Cariris & Old Navy Flip-Flops

    Old Navy Flip-Flops:  The flip-flops priced $6.94 and up are made of rubber, the styles sold for less are made…

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  • Name Brand Flip-Flop

    History Cariris Flip-Flops

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  • Crystal Flip-Flops

    Tips for embellishing flip-flops

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  • Navy Thongs

    Wholesale Flip-Flops Milenio

    Throughout the years we have been contacted innumerous times by dear friends and customers looking for rubber solid color flip-flops. The answer for the overwhelming requests was the Wholesale Flip-Flops Milenio.

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  • Cariris Flip-Flops

    CARIRIS: Where does the name come from?

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