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Looking to add a high profile to your traditional flip flop? The Cariris Wedge wholesale flipflop has the same easy slide-in style, but this time it has a thicker wedge sole that will add a fancier look to your feet without sacrificing your carefree, beachy style. One of our BEST SELLER STYLES! The Cariris Wedge (1  1/5 inch heel)  has two double comfort cushions that sandwich a sold rubber stabilizer. Each step is cushioned while at the same time the solid rubber stabilizer keeps the shape and height of your wedges. We are committed to always offer the lowest wholesale price (guarantee)!
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The Cariris Brazil Flat, made of the most comfortable and long lasting rubber, will go perfectly with your outfit as you wear them. With the Brazilian flag on the strap you can strut down the sidewalk knowing your in style with these wholesale flip flops. We are committed to always offer the lowest wholesale price (guarantee)!
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Cariris High

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Your classic flip flop just got a makeover! The Cariris High wholesale flip flop has a shock absorbing midsole, and a durable rubber bottom sole for premium footing. Dress up your summer casual look paying wholesale flip-flop prices. Cariris High’s innovative technology has enabled INBOP to develop a high heel wedge sandal that is higher, thicker, but lightweight. A combination of Cariris butter-soft rubber and a lighter midsole to add height while maintaining the classic light Cariris style.
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This slip-on wholesale flip-flop comes in the most wanted colors and features a molded rubber upper with the Cariris name, a shock absorbing rubber sole for a steady step.
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