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Wholesale Flip-Flops for SPA’s

Wholesale Flip-Flops for SPA’s
August 14, 2012 INBOP FlipFlops

Pedicure spa is one of the fastest growing businesses today. Every spa center caters to lots of customers every day, so spa owners are ofter searching for Wholesale flip-flops for spa’s .

A lot of spa’s today have flip flops for their customers, it has become a must. They use the flip flops for two reasons:

1. they can sell it to the customers

2. they use them in their spa.

Wholesale Flip-Flops for SPA’s

Lower your cost when buying flip-flops at wholesale prices directly from distribution centers, such as

For the newly opened spa, owners surprise their customers by giving out free flip flops. This is one of the strategies so that they can attract more customers. The flip flops will sell your spa business to a lot of people.

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Valuable Tips

Are you looking for best deals in purchasing flip flops wholesale? Here are some of the tips that can help you in buying them at the wholesale price.

1. Though there are tons of suppliers you can buy from. Consider the following:

  • Made in Brazil flip-flops catches the attention of your customers/guest more than any other product – Brazil is known as the flip-flop land. From there is where the famous Cariris rubber flip-flops and Havaianas come from.
  • Rubber Flip-Flops are non slippery(a must for spa’s), while EVA/foam flip-flops are not.
  • Buying flip flops at wholesale price is definitely a money-saving way to shop. Most wholesalers’ minimum order starts as low as 15 pairs.
  • If your spa is providing the best comfort to your clients, then the flip flops they wear inside your spa must make them comfortable as well. Rubber flip-flops offer comfort and durability more than any other flip-flop material (such as eva, pvc…). The Cariris flip-flops is a great option, considering they are made of 100% rubber.
  • If you decide to sell the flip flops in your SPA, you will really know that most of your customers that come to your spa wear flip-flops. You can really tell that are getting in demand these days. You will have an additional income aside from your spa.

Many feet will thank you

Make your business the most favorite spot for your customers. You are not only giving them the best amenities but you are also allowing them to stay comfortable inside and out of your spa because of the flip flops you provided them.

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