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Wholesale Flip-Flops Discount

Wholesale Flip-Flops Discount
February 13, 2013 INBOP FlipFlops
Cariris Aniversary

Cariris 50th Anniversary

Wholesale Flip-Flops Discount :  2013 is a very special year in the Cariris Sandals world. The now world-famous brand of Cariris Rubber Flip-Flops is celebrating its 50th birthday this year!
The best way to celebrate our half of a century existence is by offering to you discounts and specials as a token of our appreciation for your faithful business and friendship.

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Buy more flip-flops for less

Even though wholesale prices for the Cariris products at already guarantee the lowest price in the world, we want to celebrate Cariris 50th anniversary by letting you know about a bulk order discount for 2013:

  • When purchasing 200 pairs or more, you can get a 5% discount.
  • When purchasing 500 pairs or more, you can get a 10% discount.


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