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Wedding Flip-Flops

Wedding Flip-Flops
September 12, 2014 INBOP FlipFlops
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Welcome to the Cariris Flip-Flops world. Check out our best selling wedding flip-flops, perfect for every wedding, party or special occasion when tired and weary feet need a break from shoes!

Wedding Flip-Flops

Wedding Flip-Flops show that you care

During the wedding receptions, most likely the ladies get drained of their heels, and they look forward wearing something a bit more comfortable. Instead of essentially “forcing” your guests to go barefoot, you can supply them with flip flops to keep them out on the dance floor all night.

They don’t just make an outstanding and welcome wedding favour or party gift, they prevent your guests from getting hurt by stepping on  unnoticeable  hazards that might be found on the dance floor or around the location – spilled drinks, broken glass, rough driveways and other non foot friendly surfaces.

Milenio Flip-Flop  – Non Slippery – Solid Color

As you know sometimes uncomfortable shoes can really kill the mood at a wedding reception. Make it easy for your guests to relax and really kick up their heels.

Reward your guests with the non-slippery, comfortable and stylish Milenio Flip-Flops and we guarantee you will make your guests  feet happy.

The Milenio Flip-Flop is a solid color, unbranded, unisex, flat flip-flop that comes in a rainbow of colors to choose from. A stylish pair of wedding flip flops, a true treat for your guests and a unique souvenir to remind them of your special day. You can count on us to supply you with the world’s best wedding flip-flops.

How to display the Flip Flops

When you buy bulk flip flops for your wedding or party, the next step is to find a good spot to keep the flip-flops at. A very popular idea is to have 2 or 3 neat baskets full of flip flops. You may want to use each basket for a flip-flops size, for instance “small”, “medium” and “large”, or you can sort them by colors. Place the baskets close to the DJ stand, and/or in the restroom.

Make it stylish & Personalize

You can tie gorgeous bows around the baskets and let them to match the colors you have chosen for your wedding. You can also put each pair back to back and tie ribbon around each pair. Just because you’re having flip flops does not mean you must lose that element of class. If you want to have the bride and bridegroom’s name on the flip-flops straps, we also got you covered. You can order as little as 100 pairs(flip-flops sizes and colors of your choice) and feature your message on the straps or on the back of the heel.

Help when picking flip-flops sizes

Not sure what flip-flop sizes to get for your guests?
See below the suggested breakdown of sizes according to statistic sales.

To American women:

1st best seller:  Sizes 8/9
2nd best seller:  Size 7
3rd best seller:  Size 10
4th best seller:  Size 5/6

To Latino/Hispanic/Asian women:

1st best seller:  Size 7
2nd best seller:  Sizes 8/9
3rd best seller:  Size 5/6
4th best seller:  Size 10

Difference:  Rubber vs. EVA(foam) flip-flops?

  • Rubber lasts at least 20 times longer than EVA(foam) flip-flops.
  • Rubber is non slippery.
  • Rubber is greatly known for ultra-comfort and perfect cushion.

 CAUTION: There are many flip-flops manufacturers mixing EVA(foam) and Rubber to lower flip-flop cost; These products are being largely sold online and in stores as “rubber” flip-flops, when in fact only a small  percentage of its  components is rubber, the larger portion is EVA.

What it means to you? You will be paying much more than the flip-flop is really worth, the mixed formula flip-flop will wear off on the sides and will leave you foot print on the upper sole very quickly.

CARIRIS GUARANTEE since 1963: The Cariris flip flops are manufactured in Brazil by INBOP, with distribution center in the U.S at They are made of 100% rubber and contain no Polyurethane or EVA(popularly known by “foam”). They are recyclable and can be reprocessed in the manufacturing of various types of products, consequently avoiding the accumulation of waste and solid waste in nature, and encouraging environmental protection.

Wedding Flip-Flops

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