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Toe Socks and Flip-Flops

Toe Socks and Flip-Flops
October 24, 2013 INBOP FlipFlops

The perfect fall/winter blend – Toe Socks and Flip-Flops


Are you a flip-flop lover and want to use your “flops” even when the days turn colder? Toe Socks and Flip-Flops is the answer.
Toe socks will be your best friend this fall and winter, just pick your favorite style and enjoy your flip-flops all year round.

Toe Socks and Flip-Flops

Toe Socks and Flip-Flops

Here’s the icing on the cake, in addition to being comfortable, toe socks also have other benefits:

The padding they provide between the toes actually helps strengthen foot muscles, align the toes, keep them from getting scrunched together, and improve blood circulation. Many people who have toes that are turning inward due to years of wearing pointed shoes, find that toe socks assist in relieving foot pain. Toe socks also help keep feet warmer in colder weather and help prevent blisters.

So much to choose from… We love them….here are some options:

Ankle High

These toe socks reach up past the ankle and are visible when worn with shoes. They can be found in lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight editions. They can also be found in any color or pattern. Some come in thin, synthetic materials and can be worn in professional settings.


Some toe socks feature rubber grips on the bottom of them to minimize slippage. They are not intended to be worn with shoes and they come in heavyweight materials. These are commonly used for exercise and activities like yoga.

Low Cut

Low-cut toe socks can be worn with shoes and remain entirely or mostly invisible. These are designed to look like regular socks and be worn with shoes so they are available in lightweight and medium weight materials in neutral colors like white, black, and grey. These can also be worn in professional settings.

Knee High

Knee-high toe socks are made to be fun and colorful. They are made with a medium to heavy weight material and they usually come in bright colors and wild patterns.

Open Toed

Toeless toe socks have the ends of each compartment cut off so that the tips of the toes stick through. Usually these are featured on grip socks to provide extra traction. These are also popular for yoga and pilates.


Padded toe socks are designed to minimize the impact on feet when running, hiking, or walking long distances. They are also popularly worn around the house in replacement of slippers.


Running toe socks are constructed with extra support in areas such as the arch of the foot. They often feature extra padding as well to reduce impact shock.

Thigh – High

Like knee-highs, thigh-high toe socks are made to be fun and unique. They feature a variety of colors, prints, and patterns.


Don’t quite like to wear toes socks? Try “Split toe socks”, they split your big toe from your other tootsies and let you wear flip-flops with socks.

Toe Socks & Flip-Flops the perfect blend.

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