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Tips for embellishing flip-flops

Tips for embellishing flip-flops
January 15, 2012 INBOP FlipFlops

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Most of the Cariris flip-flops styles are perfect for customers looking for  solid color RUBBER flip-flops in order to embellish/customize them. See below the best seller styles for this purpose and also read about valuable tips for embellishing flip-flops.

  • Milenio (flats, unbranded, 9 colors, toddler’s & kids sizes also available)
  • Wedge (1 ½ inch heel, unbranded, 11 colors, women’s sizes)
  • Line (flats with slim strap, unbranded, 4 colors, women’s sizes)
  • Monocolor (flats, Cariris strap/name “Cariris” on strap, 6 colors, women’s sizes)
  • Ravenna (2 1/2 inch heel, Cariris strap/name “Cariris” on strap, 3 colors, women’s sizes)

Helpful Tips for embellishing flip-flops

  • If decorating the flip-flops with material/embellishments such as ribbons/fabric, embellishments made of rubber, foam or plastic, our Urethane Adhesive works great.
  • If using crystals to embellish/decorate the straps, E-6000 glue works great.
  • Before gluing, make sure to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol, vinegar or acetone. By doing so, it will enhance the performance of the glue.

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Enjoy the Cariris Wholesale Flip-Flops prices and other posts with more tips on how to embellish Flip-Flops and how to reshape flip-flops straps.

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