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Wholesale Flip-Flops Milenio

Wholesale Flip-Flops Milenio
September 15, 2010 INBOP FlipFlops

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Overwhelming demand for solid color flip-flops

Throughout the years we have been contacted innumerous times by dear friends and customers looking for rubber solid color flip-flops. The answer for the overwhelming requests was the Wholesale Flip-Flops Milenio.

The Milenio flip-flop is an unbranded, solid color flip-flop. Though it is a Cariris product, it does not have any mark/brand embossed on the flip-flop.  The Milenio flip-flop is made in Brazil of the finest, softest rubber; it is an ultra-comfortable flip-flop that you’ll want to live in this all year long.

Permission to customize, personalize our flip-flops

The manufacturer of some rubber flip-flop brands will not allow customers to customize/personalize/embellish their flip-flops. Different than the Cariris products, which allows you to personalize/embellish/customize their flip-flops in any way it seem fit to your needs.

Rainbow of colors

This slip-on flip-flop comes in a rainbow of vivid colors and features a comfy rubber strap, a durable rubber outsole for a steady step. Whether you´re building sand castles on the beach or dashing through the mall, the Milenio will keep you light on your feet all season long.

Milenio is one of the most popular and versatile styles in the Cariris collection. Given its vibrant color palette and extremely butter-soft footbed, it is no wonder people buy multiple pairs.Wholesale Flip-Flops Milenio lowest price guarantee.

Wholesale Flip-Flops Milenio

The wholesale minimum order is 25 pairs, but occasionally throughout the year there are specials which the minimum order drops to 15 pairs. When ordering you can mix and match different flip-flops styles, sizes and color in order help you to meet the minimum order.

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