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Make Your Own Flip-Flop

Make Your Own Flip-Flop
September 29, 2014 INBOP FlipFlops

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Your Cariris the way you would like it.

Give a boost to your business by letting your customers make their own master piece flip-flop.
Carry the elegant Line Straps (not assembled) and the comfy 100% Rubber Soles (not assembled).
We also carry a Strap Assembly Tool. Simply insert the tool into the sole holes and pull the strap through.
To finalize let your customer choose an embellishment/decoration to be applied on the strap and “bam”, the master piece is done.
Making your customers feet happy is our goal. Make Your Own Flip-Flop
Stay tuned, new colors will be added soon!!!

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The Extra Stuff


Glue – Urethane Adhesive – is not needed when assembling the Cariris flip-flops. It can be used if you are going to embellish the flip-flops with any accessory that requires glue.


The Straps

Flip-Flop Line Straps (also know as Slim strap) has a thinner, more delicate strap adding a elegant look to your feet.

The Soles

The ultra high quality of the Line Flip-Flop Sole is known to all the Cariris lovers, carefully designed for comfort, fashion and durability.

The Strap Tool

Simply insert the tool into the sole holes and pull the strap through. A sure-grip nylon handle provides comfort during production process!

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