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Flip-Flops Sale

Flip-Flops Sale
April 23, 2015 INBOP FlipFlops

                                        500 Pairs RUBBER Flip-Flops Overstock Liquidation Lot       

Unbranded Bright Red

Unbranded Bright Red

Flip-Flops Sale

Button Wedge

Liquidating Flip-Flops

Ravenna Silver







Our loss your gain: Some of our inventory must go to make room for new Cariris flip-flops shipment coming in.

This special is valid until inventory is gone, first come first serve.

Rubber Flip-Flops, made in Brazil, ships from Florida within 1-3 days.

Buy 500 pairs of the 3 styles listed below at unbelievable low prices:
In order get the discount prices, the total order must be 500 pairs of the style(s) listed below. Flip-Flops Sale of the year!!!

(You can mix and match them anyway you want).

  •  Ravenna (2.5 inch heel) in black, brown, silver  –  Reg. wholesale $6.60/pair – Now $3.60/pair
  •  Button (1.5 inch heel) in black – Reg. wholesale $6.50/pair – Now $3.20/pair
  •  Unbranded Bright Red (flats, unbranded) – Reg. wholesale $3.60/pair – Now $1.20/pair

If you’d like to take advantage of the special offer, please call (850) 626 0143 or email and we will send you the order form.






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