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Flip-Flops Lowest Price

Flip-Flops Lowest Price
January 5, 2015 INBOP FlipFlops
Plain Flip-Flops

We are 100% committed to offering you the lowest possible price for the Cariris RUBBER Flip-Flops while maintaining the 100% Authentic Rubber quality to all the Cariris Products.
NOT BRAGGING on us … but just to give you an idea of how much we have stretched out our prices, see info below:
The Milenio Style(solid color, unbranded), our best seller style has gone up ONLY $0.20 cents/pair in over 7 YEARS (since June of 2008).

Get while the gettin’s good at Always offering the Cariris Flip-Flops Lowest Price.

We did it because we care about all of our Cariris lovers loyal customers.
Happy New Year!!!

Cariris Sandals since 1963 making many feet happy.

INBOP the manufacturer of the Cariris Flip-flops, Made in Brazil, with Distribution Center in Milton, FL.

  • Samples? Yes, you can place a sample order if you are a first time customer.
  • Shipping: Within 1 business day.
  • Wholesale Minimum Order: 25 pairs – you can MIX AND MATCH different styles. SPECIAL NOW: 18 pairs only.
  • FREE flip-flops hangers available upon request with any order.
  • Flip-Flops Material: 100% Rubber.
  • Order:  Online OR By phone (850)626-0143.
  • Safety: Our children’s flip-flops are in compliance with the CPSIA(Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act).
  • Inventory: Approx. 150,000 pairs in stock all year round.
  • Discount upon request: 5% off when purchasing 250 pairs and 10% off when purchasing 500 pairs.

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