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What is special about CARIRIS Flip-Flops?

What is special about CARIRIS Flip-Flops?
September 28, 2012 INBOP FlipFlops

100% Rubber

The Cariris Flip-Flops are made of 100% RUBBER. Most sandals on the market today are made from different forms of plastic, foam(EVA) due to its cheaper price.


The Cariris Flip-Flops will last at least 20 times longer when compared to other flip-flops in the market made of EVA or mixed eva & rubber formulas. The Cariris Flip-Flops are machine washable.


Rubber is known as its non slippery aspect, making the Cariris flip-flops safe to use in wet areas, such as in SPA’s, cruises, showers, around swimming pool…

The Cariris Children’s flip-flops are in conformance to CPSIA(Consumer Product Safety Improvement), they have been tested by an  approved U.S. test lab of the Consumer Product Safety Act(CPSC).


The Cariris Flip-Flops are known for their ultra-comfort and perfect cushion. This is an awesome bonus of a secret blend of 100% rubber in all Cariris products.

Shelf Life

The Cariris Sandals have NO expiration date. The SHELF life is considered unlimited if stored properly.  A must bonus for retailers.
Our goal is to provide affordable Flip-Flops that are higher in quality, durability, and comfort than the average flip-flop.


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