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Cariris Sandals celebrating its 50th birthday

Cariris Sandals celebrating its 50th birthday
October 2, 2013 INBOP FlipFlops

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We honor and celebrate Severino Duarte’s life, the founder of the Cariris Flip-Flops brand. He is the President of INBOP, the manufacturer of the Cariris Flip-Flops since 1963. Since their 1963 introduction, the Cariris Flip-Flops have joined soccer and samba as one of the great social equalizers in Brazil and quickly the Cariris flip-flops fever spread to the almost every country of the world.
Every year now, more that 11.5 million pairs of Cariris flip-flops are produced and sent worldwide.

And though the word “Cariris” was name after a large portion of land in Northeast Brazil where Indians used to live at, flip-flops have come to be something of a symbol for Brazil itself.

Cariris Sandals celebrating its 50th birthday this year(2013). View our full product line and specials.
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  • Discount: 5% off when purchasing 250 pairs and 10% off when purchasing 500 pairs.

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