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About Us

Welcome to INBOP Flip-Flops

The Exclusive Distributor of the CARIRIS SANDALS (pronounced “cah-ree-rees”) in the USA and Canada. Cariris Flip-flops are the world’s best rubber wholesale Flip-Flops. We have specialized in high-quality sandals since 1963 and continue to be one of the foremost in the industry today with production in excess of 11.5 million yearly. The name Cariris is in honor of the Cariris Indigenous Tribes who once lived in the northeast of Brazil, the area where our factory is located.

Our sandals, made of the highest quality Brazilian rubber, are not only durable but are also extremely comfortable. They are perfect for wearing on the street, on the beach, at school, by the pool, and can even accompany your dressiest occasion. Slip them on and your feet will instantly thank you for the supple, springy, and welcoming fit. Once you try Cariris, you will be pleased, your customers will be captivated, and Many Feet Will Thank You!“. 

We are also delighted to tell you that as a result of your purchase more than feet will thank you; the heart of many lives will be touched and changed in a much deeper way. Here, 50% of our profit is joyfully donated to support Christian Missionaries, World Christian Missions and relief workers in many places of the Globe.
As you partner with us, we partner with them for a better world.


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Facts About the Cariris Flip-Flops

Countries Presence

Million Flip-Flop pairs/year

Years of History

Why Choose Cariris?


Best Manufacturer

Cariris Rubber Flip-Flops are Made in Brazil by INBOP since 1963.


100% Rubber

Cariris are made with real rubber. Comfy and eco-friendly.


Lowest Price Guarantee

Enjoy our lowest price guarantee policy when purchasing the Cariris Wholesale Flip-Flops.


Environmental friendly

We recycle all production’s material left over. There is no waste in our production process.


Returns within 15 days

If your order is incorrect, either wrong size or color, we will accept the return and either send replacements or issue a refund.


We Value You

Is our joy to assist you in any way that will make your shopping experience with us easy and uncomplicated.