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Sonia Vera

Sonia Vera
November 21, 2011 Webmaster Inbop

Unforgettable Flip-Flops!

Thanks! Larissa so much for being so helpful, you offer outstanding customer services. The quality of your flip flops is incredibly comfortable. Hi! I′m Sonia Vera owner and designer of Gitana flip flops here at Gitana we strive to have the best, and cutest things for you and your little Diva! We make you look unforgettable on any of your occasions. my flip flops are lined with 5/8″inch ribbon around the foot-strap with embellished crystals, beads and flowers. There are so many styles to choose, different and incredible comfortable. My customers loved!!! Take a look at our unique designs, enjoy shopping and see what the talk is about. BE UNFORGETTABLE!!